Hi @hardgraft Apologies for the delay - we've been a bit tied up at Mystery Creek. The budget worksheet really works best as below so that the cash calculations are pulled into the cashflow. Quantity = number of ewes (or ha for crops/fert) Multiply by = dose per ewe (or tonnes/kg of fert, seed, kg of wool etc) Price = cost per dose (or $/T or kg) Variables is a tool that works in the cashflow screen to speed up data entry if you're working to this type of scenario and also allows for a change of ewe numbers or cropping area throughout the year. Variables are located in Setup - Variables. If you've set up variables, click on variables in a budget worksheet and select the code related to a specific variable. If you'd like training in this area, feel free to contact the support team on 0800 888 080 and one of the team can book in a session with you. Thanks, Jo