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  • Correct your EMS (Employer Monthly Schedule) after it’s filed with IRD

    If you have filed an Employer Monthly Schedule (IR348) and then wish to amend some information on it, including any changes in ESCT deductions, you will need to complete the Employer Monthly Schedule Amendment (IR344) form and send it to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

    Alternatively, if there are a small number of adjustments you can call the IRD on 0800 377 772 and update them over the phone.

    If you file your EMS through the IRD Website:

    If you file your EMS electronically through myIR on IRD website, you will still need to make amendments manually by completing an IR344 form or calling 0800 377 772.

    This is because each employer can only import one EMS file per return period. Any attempts to import another EMS file for a period already filed will be unsuccessful.

    Note: The only time corrections need to be done using an IR344 is if a file for the month in question has been received and processed by the IRD.

    If the IRD has not received a file, you can make the corrections in the Cashmanager RURAL Wagebook before filing the IR348 and IR345.

    For more information regarding this form click here.

    We thank IRD for their approval of the above article - 16 May 2014.

    As we have no control over the way the data is entered into Cashmanager RURAL, CRS Software Ltd, the directors and staff accept no liability for any consequences arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of this report. You should seek professional advice with regards to all compliance matters.

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