• How to Export Transactions Out of BankLink

    Before coded transactions can be exported out of BankLink you need to set the System Used in BankLink Practice for the export file.

    How to set the System Used

    1. Open BankLink Practice and select the client
    2. Click on the Other Functions menu and select Accounting System
    3. The Maintain Accounting System screen will appear (as below)

    You can set the System Used to either Concept Cash Manager or MYOB Accountants Office.

    0_1471522185615_Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.09.33 AM.png

    Concept Cash Manager 2000
    When using this format each account must be exported separately.

    MYOB Accountants Office
    This format includes a transaction for the bank account contra. This contra transaction will need to be deleted in the Load Bank Transactions screen in Cashmanager RURAL.

    1. Select the destination folder in the Save Entries to field
    2. Click OK.

    How to extract coded transactions

    0_1471522401933_Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.13.08 AM.png

    1. Select the client and go to the Other Functions menu, then select Extract Data
    2. Choose the date range to export and record the name of the export file

    NB Use the .txt type as the filename extension

    1. Click OK.
    To identify the General Ledger codes that are currently in use for the client, we recommend you print a Trial Balance report from the client’s BankLink data for the last financial year. Use this information to map your Chart Of Accounts to the code list in Cashmanager RURAL.

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