• Importing your Trader Statement

    It doesn’t matter if you import bank transactions or manually create them in your database, you can also import your trader statements, such as Farmlands or FarmSource.

    Tip: If you have a Cashmanager RURAL online database, why not sign up for the Farmlands automated monthly feed? Your statement automatically arrives pre-coded each month - how easy is that?

    If you import your bank transactions, you will need to be careful not to create a duplicate transaction when importing your trader statement.
    Check out the best practice topic on how to import a trader statement directly into a bank transaction.

    Step 1: Download your trader statement
    -- > Go to your trader website and login. View your statement and select to download it as a CSV file. If you have any issues with finding or downloading your trader statement, look at your trader’s support centre or ask them for help.

    Step 2: Import your trader statement
    -- > From the transaction screen select Import and then your trader statement.

    0_1471519339093_Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.21.54 PM.png

    -- > This will bring up the Import screen. Search for the trader statement file you saved to your computer by clicking on Browse. Once you’ve found the file you can click on the Preview button. This will allow you to see all the transactions on the statement and let you select or deselect items to import. When you click OK it will take you straight to the Transaction screen, where you can code the items.

    0_1471519536564_Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.25.21 PM.png

    Step 4: Code and enter details of the imported trader transactions
    -- > The trader statement will directly import the transactions into your transaction screen.

    0_1471519598102_Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.26.24 PM.png

    From here you can enter the transaction details, such as codes, or set up autocodes to be more efficient - How to autocode directly in transactions.

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