• Enter opening stock numbers

    Next to land, livestock is your biggest asset, so it makes sense to keep an accurate tally of stock on hand as you progress through the year.

    Cashmanager RURAL can help you to easily monitor your Livestock Reconciliation and make planning decisions based on actual and planned stock numbers when you:

    • Record and monitor actual stock sales and purchases as well as non-cash movement (births, deaths and missing) month by month

    • Prepare a budget for proposed stock purchases and sales, and other livestock movements and adjustments

    • Revise your budget based on actual sales and purchases

    • Compare livestock performance such as actuals with budget and/or revised budgets (revisions).

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    Why use Cashmanager RURAL Livestock?

    The Livestock module is a tool you can use to drive monthly and annual farm management reviews.

    It provides you with information about what stock is on hand, and what stock numbers are required on a month-by-month basis. This helps optimise productivity and achieve business goals by working with actuals, budgets and revised views of budgets, to assist with livestock planning and decision-making.

    What can I do to get the most out of the Livestock module?

    Cashmanager RURAL reports on many aspects of a farming business but needs detailed and accurate information to produce the best results. The set-up area is where important information can be entered and stored to create quality reports.

    When you first create your farm business, a default set of stock codes are included in your Code List, based on the type of farming you select. The Code List below has been built using Sheep and Beef farm templates.

    Some information relating to stock in your business has already been set for you and can be seen in the example below, looking at Ewe Hoggets. These settings can be changed at any time to suit your farming business.

    A. The Stock Unit equivalent for each animal
    B. The Age status of stock so animals can be aged accurately on an annual basis
    C. The Breeding Status of stock

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    Information that needs to be entered on an annual basis includes Stock Values and Stock Weights.

    Enter this information while you’re in the Livestock module by clicking on the Setup menu.

    Once you have entered these values, they will be pulled into the Economic Farm Surplus (EFS) and Profit & Loss reports.

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