• How to use the Move Budget Items screen

    The Move Budget Items screen allows you to see past and future budget items alongside actual transactions in one view so that you can quickly update your budget while seeing the whole picture.

    Click here for an overview of the Move Budget Items screen.

    Below are some scenarios that will show you how to use this screen when revising your budget.

    TIP: Why not give these scenarios a go in the Sample Dairy database and see how easy it is to update your budget.

    Sam and Sally are revising their budget and pick up a variance for feed in January.
    They had budgeted to spend $40,500 but only $11,095 was actually spent that month.

    0_1471254715814_Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.51.30 PM.png

    They start to think about the reason for the variance and how they’re going to update their budget in response.

    Have they deferred the remaining amount of $29,405 to be paid at a later date?
    Or have they decided to reduce costs, meaning they will no longer spend the full amount on feed?

    Option One - Deferred Feed Payment
    Highlight the category or extended code you wish to edit. Then right click your mouse and select Move Budget Items, or press F5.

    0_1471254849220_Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.53.41 PM.png

    1. Highlight the budget items in the Past (Budget) box.
    2. Click on the Split button.
    3. Change the amount in the first field to reflect the actual transaction. The remaining amount will automatically calculate in the second field.
    4. Click OK.

      The original $40,500 budget transaction has been separated into two transactions.

    0_1472169696619_Step 5 - Move Budget Items.png

    1. Drag and Drop the $29,405 transaction into the Future (Budget) box and adjust the date to match the payment due date.

    2. Click OK.

    0_1471255018301_Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.56.43 PM.png

    Scenario Two - Update Feed Costs
    Highlight the category or extended code you wish to edit and right click mouse. Then select Move Budget Items, or press F5.

    0_1471255112422_Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.58.07 PM.png

    1. Select the Past (Budget) budget transaction to update.
    2. Change the amount in the Price field to reflect the update.
    3. Click OK.

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