• How to structure your Enterprise Codes

    Enterprise codes can contain up to three levels of detail. This table shows how to use a clear structure for your enterprise codes:

    Code level How to use it Example
    1. Enterprise category code Top level code - use it to separate main business groups Stock or Crop
    2. Enterprise extended code Next level of detail, sub-groups Beef or sheep (from stock)
    3. Enterprise detail code Lowest level of detail, sub-groups of your sub-groups Stud beef (from beef)

    You do not have to use all three levels for everything, only go down as far as you need to. It depends on how detailed a picture you need.

    Although you can use any letters or numbers for your enterprise codes, we recommend using familiar codes, for example, S for stock, B for beef. This means you (and others, like your accountant) will be able to easily interpret your codes.

    Apperbly farms has two farms in their business. They have decided to use Enterprise codes to separate the transactions and budget for each farm. This means they will be able to see the performance of each farm (instead of just the whole business) and be able to make better business decisions based on this.
    Farm 1: Is flat irrigated land (200ha) primarily used for cash crops i.e. peas, maize, silage, barley for 7-8 months of the year. For the remaining months stock is grazed on it for fattening.
    Farm 2: Is a mix of flat to medium hill country (900 ha), it is unirrigated with virtually no cash crops. It has mostly feed crops for stock, which is fattened year round.

    Apperbly farms has planned to use clear enterprise codes as shown in the table below:

    Code level How it will be used Code that will be used
    1. Enterprise category code Separate into the two farms Farm1 (1), Farm 2 (2)
    2. Enterprise extended code Type of farm activity Crop (C), Stock (S)
    3. Enterprise detail code Detail of the type of farm activity For example: ---> Under Crop - Feed Crops and Cash Crops ---> Under Stock - Sheep (S), Beef (B)

    Once you have decided how to use enterprise codes to separate out the different areas of your business, you will then need to create these codes into Cashmanager RURAL.

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