• Handy reports to use when revising your budget

    Review your year-to-date actuals and how this compares with your budget.

    You can print and review reports that will help you see whether you’re on target or not. We recommend Cashflow, Variance, YTD Comparison.

    Report Summary Sample
    Cashflow Use the Cashflow report to quickly identify cash differences between actual and budget data, month by month. --- > Tip: This report matches your Cashflow screen in terms of details shown. While in the Cashflow screen, you will need to click the + symbol next to category headings if you want to view their sub-categories in the Cashflow screen and the report. Cashflow Report
    Variance Use the Variance report to compare actual and budget data by displaying all movement and variances in actual and budget items for the year as a whole. Variance Report
    YTD Comparison Use the Year to Date Comparison report to focus on one month of your selection and then the entire year-to-date. Large variances can be easily seen and acted upon. YTD Comparison

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