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  • Writing note during lectures in the classrooms is an art. Many students struggle at the time of lectures in the classroom during the study and of the issue that they have to face is the task of taking proper notes in the classrooms during lectures. If the student learns the technique of notes taking in classrooms during lectures so they made their lives a bit easier. It has been seen that lecturers convey long lectures and the lectures contain long discussions based on only one topic. The students should have to focus just on the words that the teacher is saying and write down the important points, definitions, examples and important facts that are conveyed by the teachers to them in a classroom lecture. Moreover, there are some other ways to take notes in the classroom quickly; students should have to carry with themselves Walkman, iPods, and cellular phones and keep recording on in it. They should need to place the device on the desk and pay full concentration on the lecture and try to memorize only relevant and useful information. It is the only one of the best-recommended way of taking notes in the classroom by education experts. If the students take proper notes during lectures so, they never ever face issues in preparing assignments and able to make assignments on their own. They never need any kind of assignment services at in order to get their assignment done.

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