• Payday Filing in Cashmanager RURAL online

    From 1 April 2019, Payday Filing will be compulsory for all employers.

    As legislative requirements become increasingly complex we believe the simple wagebook in Cashmanager RURAL may not meet your employer obligations in the future.

    For this reason, we have made the decision not to update the wagebook to create returns for payday filing with IRD. Instead, we believe this is best left to specialist payroll providers such as PaySauce and Smart Payroll.

    Can I run payday filing in my Cashmanager database?

    Cashmanager RURAL online is not compatible with payday filing where there is more than one submission to IRD per month.

    If you pay your employees monthly you may be able to use the IRD return information in Cashmanager RURAL online, however, you will need to take care when using information from your Cashmanager database.

    Can I still transfer the csv file from Cashmanager into the ir-File tool in myIR?

    IRD have discontinued the ir-File service in myIR and myIR customers will now use the payroll account in the My business section of myIR to file employer monthly schedules.

    As a result, the IR348 file generated in Cashmanager is now no longer compatible. Instead, you will need to use IRD's online entry method. Find out more from their website here.

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