• Cashmanager RURAL online installation troubleshooting

    1. Windows Updates
    Make sure your Windows updates are up to date and completed before installing the Cashmanager application.

    2. Windows Defender security warning
    If you get a Windows Defender security warning you can ignore it. Click on More info to remove the warning and Run anyway to complete the installation.


    Can't find the downloaded file?

    1. Check your Downloads folder
    On new computers (Windows 7 and higher), items are downloaded automatically to your Downloads folder.
    Locate the application from your Downloads folder and run it from there.

    2. Check your anti-virus software
    This may be preventing the application from being run from your Downloads folder.
    Allowing your anti-virus software to recognise Cashmanager RURAL online as a safe application will let you install it.

    3. Not in your Downloads folder?
    Then try downloading it directly from our website.

    • Exit from the Cashmanager RURAL online login page.
    • Go to www.cashmanagerrural.nz.
    • Log in using your email address and password for Cashmanager RURAL online.
    • Click on the Install button and follow the prompts.

    If you're still stuck after looking at these tips, please phone our Help Desk:
    0800 888 080 (NZ)
    1800 351 781 (AUS)

    The Help Desk is open weekdays from 8.45am - 6.00pm (NZT).

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