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    How good does my internet connection need to be?
    Cashmanager RURAL has been designed to work with rural broadband. Basically, if you can log into your online banking website, or into Facebook, you'll be able to use Cashmanager RURAL online.

    How secure is my data?
    Your data is stored servers maintained in New Zealand to the same security standard as major banks. In some ways, it’s much safer than storing data on your PC.

    Can I enter data off-line and then sync it with Cashmanager RURAL online?
    Cashmanager RURAL online does require an internet connection while you’re logged into your database.


    Do I have to learn a new system?
    Cashmanager RURAL online looks and feels the same as desktop with added benefits like bank and rural supplier feeds and automatic price updates from dairy companies for the Dairy Forecaster.

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