• Cashmanager RURAL (desktop) support terms

    1.1 Software. These Support Terms apply to the following software programs: Cashmanager
    RURAL and Cashmanager Business, (individually, in these Support Terms, “Software”), and
    form part of the Licence and Support Agreement that you agreed to when you installed the
    Software (“Agreement”).

    1.2 Entitlement to receive Support Services. You are entitled to receive the services and
    Releases set out in sections 2 to 4 of these Support Terms (“Support Services”) only if you
    have a current one-year Annual License. For the avoidance of doubt, an Annual Licence is
    current during the period for which you have paid the relevant annual licence fee.

    2.1 Entitlements to Releases. You are entitled to receive all new versions, releases, updates,
    and bug fixes to the Software that CRS Software Ltd makes generally available to its
    customer base (“Releases”).

    2.2 Major Releases. Once in each 12-month period CRS Software Ltd will send or make
    available to you a major Release (for example, additional functionality). CRS Software Ltd
    may send this to you on CD-ROM.

    2.3 Minor Releases. Minor Releases (for example, bug fixes) will be made available on the
    CRS Software Ltd website.

    2.4 Must install Releases. You must, at the earliest reasonable opportunity, install any
    Release that is made available by CRS Software Ltd (including via the CRS Software Ltd

    3.1 Help desk service. CRS Software Ltd will provide a help desk that you can ring or email
    to get general assistance with the routine use of the Software and for reporting problems with
    the Software. The help desk is available during these hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30am –
    7:00pm (New Zealand time, but not on New Zealand public holidays.)

    3.2 Problem resolution service. CRS Software Ltd will use its reasonable endeavours to
    resolve problems with the Software that have been reported to the help desk and that prevent
    use of the Software substantially in accordance with the then current user manual released by
    CRS Software Ltd. The time that will be spent assisting you is at CRS Software Ltd's
    discretion. CRS Software Ltd reserves the right to resolve a problem in any future Release.
    However, you will not be entitled to receive that Release unless you are entitled to receive
    Support Services at the time it is released.

    3.3 Conditions. The help desk and problem resolution services set out in this section 3 are
    made available to you only if you are: 3.3.1 registered with CRS Software Ltd as the licensee
    of the Software; 3.3.2 running the latest Release of the Software; and 3.3.3 using a PC that is
    running Windows 7 or newer.

    3.4 Sending data files. To help resolve your problems CRS Software Ltd may suggest that
    you send a copy of your data file to CRS Software Ltd, either by email or by post. As agreed
    in the Agreement, CRS Software Ltd is not responsible for the security of any data files. CRS
    Software Ltd recommends that you protect your data files with a password before emailing or
    posting them. Note that password protection does not guarantee the security of data files.

    3.5 Advice. CRS Software Ltd is not in the business of giving tax, accounting, or farm
    management advice. In the event that CRS Software Ltd provides such advice, you should
    not rely on it and CRS Software Ltd accepts no liability if you do.

    3.6 Your assistance. You must provide all of the access, facilities, information, cooperation
    and assistance that CRS Software Ltd may reasonably require to fulfil its obligations under
    the Agreement, including these Support Terms.

    3.7 No obligation to provide Support Services. CRS Software Ltd is not obliged to provide
    you with Support Services if the problem you are experiencing is caused by loss of your
    software programs or loss of data, any other person’s software, product or services, or your
    negligence, misuse, or failure to comply with the Agreement, including these Support Terms.

    3.8 Additional charge. CRS Software Ltd is entitled to charge an additional fee, at its then
    standard rates, for any services it provides to you in relation to any exclusions set out in
    section 3.7, or in relation to any services it provides in addition to those set out in sections 2
    to 4. For the avoidance of doubt, this section 3.8 does not oblige CRS Software Ltd to
    provide any services. All additional fees, including under section 4.2, must be paid within 30
    days of the date of the relevant invoice from CRS Software Ltd.

    4.1 Backup service. You may email a backup of your Software data to the CRS Software Ltd
    archive. When the backup is received by the archive you will receive a confirmation email.

    4.2 Fees. You may submit backups to the archive free of charge. If you want to retrieve an
    archived backup you may contact the help desk to request the backup to be emailed to you.
    You may make one such withdrawal from the archive each year free of charge. After that,
    CRS Software Ltd will charge $25 (plus GST) per withdrawal request.

    4.3 Keep your own backups. If you use the backup service you must also maintain your own
    additional backups necessary to quickly, accurately, and independently replace any of your
    data that is lost or damaged for any reason. If your data is deleted or has become corrupted
    CRS Software Ltd may, at its complete discretion, use its reasonable endeavours to recover
    the data but does not guarantee a successful result. In this situation, reverting to the most
    recent backup may be required. CRS Software Ltd is not liable for any costs that you incur
    because data has to be re-entered or is lost or corrupted.

    4.4 Retention of backups. If you are no longer entitled to receive Support Services (for
    example, because your annual License has lapsed) CRS Software Ltd is not required to retain
    your backups in the archive.

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