• Automatic aging in the livestock rec.

    Automatic aging happens at the end of the financial year.

    The Livestock screen shows the aging from the “Closing (pre Aging)” column to the column “New Year Opening” column.

    In the example below you will see 10 R1yr Heifers have aged to R2yr Heifers, and 11 R2 Heifers have aged to Mixed Age Cows.


    Working with automatic aging

    The key with automatic aging is to make sure when recording sales that they come out of the class they started in.

    For example, using the tallies above if you were to sell the 10 Heifers in June and you would ordinarily call them R2yr, you would still have to enter them as R1Yr so that they come out of that row, otherwise, you will end up with tally errors as shown below.

    If you are recording purchases, be aware the system will age them at the end of the year. So choose the age class preceding where you want them to show as closing stock.

    For example if you purchased R2yr Heifers in June, then you would need to enter them as R1yr Heifers and the system will age them to R2yr at the end of the year.


    We’d like to thank the team at XXX for their contribution to this topic.


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