• How to manually age your livestock

    Cashmanager RURAL, automatically ages your livestock at the end of the financial year and this is their
    recommended method of monitoring livestock numbers.

    However, if you would prefer to, you can manually age animals in the month you want them to.

    After you’ve turned off the automatic aging setting you'll need to check the opening numbers for each stock code:

    • Opening numbers warning
      You’ll now see an alert indicating the opening numbers could be wrong.
      You can either ignore the warning, if the opening numbers are correct (recommended) or,
      Tidy up the prior year’s closing numbers to match the current year’s opening numbers.


    Turn off automatic aging

    All livestock codes have been set by default to age, except for MA cows, MA ewes and breeding bulls/sires.

    To turn off this setting, go to the Livestock screen.

    1. Click on Setup.

    2. Select Codes.

    3. Select a livestock extended code and put it into edit mode.

    4. Click on the Stock Details tab.

    5. Click on the drop-down box next to Age to and change the setting to None.

    6. Click OK.


    Age stock with a transfer

    The transfer action is driven by a Transfer Out, which then automatically creates the corresponding Transfer In.

    This means that whenever you want to do a transfer, you must start with a Transfer Out.

    Mike wants to age 10 of his R1yr Heifers to R2yr in October and 3 R2yr Heifers to MA cows in November.

    1. Highlight the stock code that you want to transfer out i.e. R1yr Heifers.

    2. Right click your mouse in the month you want to transfer to happen.

    3. Select New Transfer Out.


    1. The Date always defaults to the end of the month select. You can change this if you want to.

    2. Enter the quantity that you want to transfer.

    3. The stock code that is being transferred out has already been selected based on following steps 1 - 3.
      All you need to do is select the stock code that the animals are transferring in to.

    4. Add a note (optional) and click OK.


    Mike can now see that 10 of his R1yr heifers have transferred into R2yr heifers in October.
    He can also see the numbers for each stock code in the New Year Opening column, haven’t changed from the numbers in the Closing (pre Aging) column.


    We'd like to thank the team at Farming Growth for their contribution to this topic.


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