• Springclean your database

    To ensure the general health of your Cashmanager RURAL database, we recommend that you run a springclean at least once every GST period.

    Running a springclean is also a mandatory step when closing of a previous financial year.

    What does a springclean do?

    Running a regular springclean helps you to identify if there is anything wrong with your database that may affect reports such as the GST report or unbalance the Accountants Annual report .


    Check out our topic, How to fix Springclean errors, which identifies common errors and the recommended solutions you can try to fix them.

    How to run a springclean

    Go to the front screen of your database.

    1. Click on Tools.
    2. Select Springclean.


    If, at any time you need help to fix any errors, you can contact our Help Desk:

    Phone 0800 888 080
    Email support@crssoftware.co.nz

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