• Edit, delete or make codes inactive

    When can you edit a section, category or extended code?
    If a code has been set up wrong or you wish to add more information against the code, you can edit it at any time.

    When can you inactivate a section, category or extended code?
    If a code is no longer used you can make it inactive so that it no longer appears in your budgets, reports and code list.

    when can you delete a section, category or extended code?
    If you have never used a code, you can delete if from your code list.

    Edit codes

    To edit a code you can either:
    Click on the Edit button.
    Double left click on the highlighted code.
    Right click your mouse to bring up the Edit Category box.

    1. Highlight the category or extended code you want to edit.

    2. Click on Edit.

    3. Make changes to the code.

    4. Click OK to save the changes.


    Inactive codes

    If you want to remove a code that has been used from your code list, you'll need to make it inactive.

    1. Select the code you want to inactivate.

    2. Click on Edit.

    3. Tick the Inactive box.

    4. Click OK.

    TIP: to see your inactive codes select All from the Active Records drop-down box.


    Delete codes

    You can delete a code only if it hasn’t been used in any transactions.

    If a code has only been used in a budget but not in a transaction it is better to make the code inactive than delete it.

    In most cases, you will make codes inactive rather than delete them.

    1. Highlight the code you want to delete.

    2. Right click your mouse and select Delete xxx code.

    3. Confirm you want to delete the code by clicking Yes to the pop-up box.

    4. Click OK to save the changes.


    TIP: if a box appears saying "Code in use..." you won't be able to delete the code. The next best thing is to make it inactive.

    Edit or delete a section

    • To edit a section, follow the same steps you would use to edit a category or extended code.
      Select the relevant section and right click to select edit.

    • To delete a section, follow the same steps you would use to delete a category or extended codes.
      It must be empty (there are no category or extended codes sitting within it) before you can delete it.

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