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  • How to import a Scan my Bills document into an existing bank transaction

    Importing bank transactions either through an automated bank feed or by exporting a file from your bank's website is the quickest and most accurate way to record transactions into your Transaction screen.

    This doesn't mean that you can't use Scan my Bills though.

    Have a look at the case study below to see how you can import a Scan my Bills document into an existing bank transaction.

    Case Study

    Rebecca uses bank feeds to import her bank transactions into Cashmanager on a regular basis.

    Because of the way she records transactions in her database, she knows that using Scan my Bills for every bank transaction won't suit her office processes as it involves editing each transaction; which she doesn't have the time to do.

    But she likes the idea of using Scan my Bills to store certain invoices that she knows her accountant will want to be made aware of throughout the year.

    Rebecca purchases a new quad bike and wants to attach a copy of the invoice to the corresponding bank transaction.
    She follows the steps below:

    Import a document into a bank transaction

    1. Email invoices and bills to your unique Scan my Bills email address.

    2. Code your bank transactions and then import them into the Transaction screen as normal.

    3. Locate a transaction that you want to attach a document to.

    4. Edit the transaction so that the bottom part of the Transaction screen turns blue.

    5. Click on the Bills button at the top of the Transaction screen and locate the document.

    6. Highlight the document and correct it if required.

    7. Once the document is sitting in Ready for Coding, click Add Single-Line or Add Multi-Line.
      Your choice depends on how many lines the invoice has and how many you want to import.


    The following message will appear. Click OK to continue.


    NOTE: You may need to recode the transaction. To find out why, check out the topic How do I use autocoding with Scan my Bills?

    A Transaction with a document attached can be identified by a notepad symbol in the Note field.

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