• How to fix Springclean errors

    The Springclean reports helps you to identify if there is anything wrong with your database and should be run regularly i.e. every GST period.

    To run a Springclean:

    1. Go to the front screen of your database.
    2. Click on Tools - Springclean.

    What do the Springclean errors mean?

    Reconciliation data errors


    Error 1.
    "Account x, page xx: not balanced
    This warning indicates that there is a discrepancy on page 28 in the Reconciliation report.
    To view this report, go to the Transactions screen, click on Reports and select Reconciliation.
    In the image below, page 28 is unbalanced by $3,700.00.


    Solution: Re-reconcile the page to your bank statement. There may be a transaction that is either missing from Cashmanager or has been transposed i.e. income instead of expense or vice versa.

    Error 2.
    "Account x, page xx; Opening balance ($xx) does not match prior closing balance ($xx)
    Believe it or not, these errors are caused by one page that is incorrect.

    Notice how page 32 precedes page 31 (in both page number and opening and closing balances) and has a statement closing date before page 31?
    An incorrect statement closing date for page 31 has caused the pages around it to move out of order.

    Solution: Re-reconcile page 31 and make sure the correct statement closing date has been entered.
    To do so:

    1. Click on the Reconcile button in the Transaction screen.
    2. Enter the page number that is the culprit.
    3. Correct the Statement Closing Date to match either the actual bank statement, or the date of the last transaction in the reconciled page.

    All other pages will then move back into the correct order.


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