• What is the Filter button?

    The Filter button helps you to find and view specific pieces of information in your database such as looking at last year's transactions.
    It is available in all screens of Cashmanager and depending on what screen you're in, the Filter button will have different filter options.

    TIP: Once you have finished using the filter, click on the Filter Clear button to revert back to your original view.



    • Financial year
    • Category and extended code
    • Enterprise
    • Bank account
    • Bank statement
    • Unreconciled transactions

    Steph runs through the end of year checklist for the 2017 financial year before handing her books to her accountant to process, and one of the items she needs to check is that there aren't any unreconciled transactions. To do so, she clicks on the Filter button and enters the search criteria as below.

    Once Steph has dealt with any unreconciled transactions, she clicks on the Filter Clear button to revert the Transaction screen back to its normal view.

    Tom wants to find all sheep purchase transactions that were handled through his Stock Agent and that occurred in the 2017 financial year. To do so, he clicks the Filter button and enters the search criteria as below.


    DID YOU KNOW? You can view and change the filter parameters while you're in the Transaction List report. This report lets you print out the view in your Transaction screen.

    Filter your cashflow view by:

    • Enterprise
      Select one or multiple enterprises
    • Account
      Select one or multiple bank accounts

    Filter by Enterprise. Note only one Enterprise can be selected at each time.


    • By employee
    • The employee's entire employment history or after a specific Pay Period End Date.


    • Other Party
    • The status of an invoice such as Unpaid, Part-Paid, Paid or Credit
    • In all invoices or only those created after a certain date


    • Financial Year
    • Invoice period - Current month, all months or held invoices
    • Client
    • Product
    • Enterprise

    You can also search for text in:

    • Client Name
    • Order Number
    • Invoice Note
    • Invoice Line Note
    • All

    Additionaly in this screen, if you highlight a customer and click on the Filter Debtor button 0_1499911766363_228268de-6be2-4fdf-b91e-138d4b55bb26-image.png all invoices and payments for the customer will appear on screen.

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