• Using the Dairy Forecaster

    The Dairy Forecaster is a budgeting tool only and is not used to record actual transactions. It is used when putting together the Milk Production:This Seasons line of your budget, which represents income from selling quantities of milk solids (kg/MS).

    Tip: Coding
    If you have altered the default codes in Cashmanager RURAL (i.e. changing names or adding new codes) look for the Milk Bottle icon.
    0_1470654378523_Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.05.57 PM.png
    The Milk Bottle icon appears whenever the extended code type is set as Milk Solid. The default code is MP:TS {Milk Solid}.
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    The code type Milk solid is required for the Dairy Forecaster to work. It is also needed for the Dashboard and EFS Performance reports.

    When viewing your budget in the Cashflow screen, you can access the Dairy Forecaster by:

    A. Clicking on the Dairy Forecaster button on the top of the screen; or,
    B. Double clicking on one of the cells in the This Seasons row (or any line that has the Milk Bottle icon), or using the keyboard shortcut <F2> while the cell is selected.

    0_1470655166234_Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.19.14 PM.png

    The Dairy Forecaster will appear as an annual view (based on the dairy company’s production year) and is geared towards budgeting based on quantities of milk solids (kg/MS).

    You can edit the quantities of Milk Solids or the Milk Solids Price by clicking in the cell and typing in a new number. To move within the worksheet, you can press <Enter> to tab between editable cells or use your mouse to select the cells you want.

    If you are using Cashmanager RURAL online, clicking on the Update <dairy company> Prices will update pricing fields automatically.

    Tip: When creating a scenario budget to explore different milk prices (i.e. Milk at $3.10 or $3.80) you will need to set the milk price manually and make sure you don’t click the Update Price button!

    0_1470655291736_Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.21.13 PM.png

    Tip: Be aware that the Dairy Forecaster - Budget Worksheet will be impacted by how you have set-up the Dairy Forecaster. It will be affected by:

    • Business type (owner/operator, share milker, or contractor).
    • Dairy Company (Fonterra, Synlait, or Westland).
      • If you are an owner/operator supplying to Fonterra then additional columns will take into account their Capacity Adjustment payments.

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