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    How to split GST in a transaction

    • How do I split a transaction between business and personal?

    If a GST split hasn't already been created within the extended code(s), you can split an amount while creating the transaction.

    1. While in edit mode, right click you mouse in the blue part of the screen.

    2. Select Split.

    3. Make sure you have set up the correct category and extended codes, GST types and split percentages.

    4. Click on OK to accept the alterations.

    TIP: You can also choose use the split setup in the future by tick the box 'Use this split next time code XX is used?'.

    To set up a GST split while in a transaction:

    1. Right click your mouse anywhere in the blue part of the screen.

    2. Select split and enter the category and extended codes, the GST types and split percentages.

    3. Click OK to accept the changes for this transaction.

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