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    • How can I sort the transactions into date order?
      Click on the AZ Sort button on the toolbar along the top of the Transaction screen and select Date.

    • How do I enter the statement page number when entering transactions?
      Enter the statement number into the Page field.

    If you can't see a Page field:

    1. Click on Setup > Business > the Preferences tab.
    2. Tick the box Enter Page Numbers.
    3. Click on Ok.
    TIP: You can add this field while in edit mode in a transaction.
    • How do I view my last year’s transactions?
    1. In the Transactions screen, select the Filter button, View>Filter or <Ctrl> <F>.
    2. In the Financial Year field select the year you want to view.
    3. Click OK.
    • After viewing last year’s transactions, how do I get back to this year?
    1. Select the Filter Clear button, next to the Filter button.


    • I’ve changed my grid layout, now how do I keep it?
    1. Click on View>Grid Layout
    2. Select Keep.


    • What does it mean when the bottom of the Transaction screen is blue?
      You are currently in edit mode on a transaction.
      A green transaction line means there is an income transaction line and a red transaction line means there is an expense transaction line.

    • Why can’t I enter into some fields when creating a transaction?
      The field(s) has been disabled. The seven fields that can be disabled are:
      Other Party

    To enable or disable a field:

    1. Put the transaction into edit mode.

    2. Right click your mouse anywhere in the blue area of the transaction screen.

    3. Right click anywhere in the blue area at the bottom of the screen. A menu with a list of options will appear.

    4. Click on Skip.

    5. Select the field you want to enable/disable

    TIP: Any disabled fields will be marked with a tick.



    To change the type of transaction:

    1. Double click on the transaction to take it into edit mode. Click at the beginning of the amount and take out the <->.

    2. If the transaction is an income and you want it to be an expense then enter a <-> at the beginning of the amount.

    3. Ensure the Code amount field is also corrected to reflect the changes made to the Amount field.

    4. Click OK to save the changes.



    Right click your mouse on the Code amount field. Select the option you want to turn the transaction into.

    NOTE: In a single line transaction, this will also change the Amount. In a multi-line transaction, only the selected Code amount will change.
    • How do I split a transaction between business and personal?

    If a GST split hasn't already been created within the extended code(s), you can split an amount while creating the transaction.

    1. While in edit mode, right click you mouse in the blue part of the screen.

    2. Select Split.

    3. Make sure you have set up the correct category and extended codes, GST types and split percentages.

    4. Click on OK to accept the alterations.

    TIP: You can also choose use the split setup in the future by tick the box 'Use this split next time code XX is used?'.

    To set up a GST split while in a transaction:

    1. Right click your mouse anywhere in the blue part of the screen.

    2. Select split and enter the category and extended codes, the GST types and split percentages.

    3. Click OK to accept the changes for this transaction.

    • Why do previous month’s transactions appear in my latest GST return?

    There are two possibilities for this:
    transactions have been entered after the final report was printed.
    if the whole of the previous return is showing then that period hasn’t been finalised.

    To fix this go to Reports> GST
    Click on Edit and make sure the return period end is correct for the previous return.
    Finalise this report by ticking the Final Copy box and printing it. Your GST report parameters screen will then show all previous GST returns as final
    Select the New button to create the next GST period.

    How can I select more than one code for reports such as Analysis By Code, Cashflow Detail, Variance and YTD Comparison?
    Hold the Ctrl key down whilst clicking on the codes you want with your mouse.
    Click on Update Report to display the changes.

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