• I have just signed up to cashmanger. My accountant has asked me to add them but I'm unsure if i should? Thinking it might be better to just send data at end of season - does everybody else's accountant have access? First year self-employed so lots to learn. cheers

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  • @Pet-Cow Our accountant also has access to our database, it is really helpful for when I have a query and at the end of the financial year too. I have given them 'Read' access only but I know others give their accountant's 'Write' access and they find that beneficial.

    If you decide to give your accountant access. here's a helpful guide on how to do it:

    Access to Cashmanager Rural

  • @Pet-Cow Our accountant has access to our Cashmanager database. It is very beneficial to allow them access as they are able to estimate tax payments throughout the season to ensure there are no big surprises at the end of the financial year or to help with the cash flow throughout the year.
    It is also beneficial during budget preparation time as the accountant has easy access to be able to give feedback on the budget that has been created.