• How does the Scan my Bills screen work?

    The Scan my Bills button is located in the toolbar along the top of the Transaction screen.


    If there are no documents to import, the following screen will appear when you click on the Bills button.


    If there are documents ready to import into your database, the Scan my Bills - Documents box will automatically appear when you enter the Transaction screen.

    Overview of the Scan my Bills - Documents box

    The Documents box is divided into two areas; Workflow and Functions.



    • Refresh
      Refresh is a manual sync and must be used to update any data changes for the documents. For example when moving a document from Review Pending up to Ready for Coding.
      When refresh is used, all functions within the scan my bills window are greyed out.

    There are three document sections which indicate what part of the process each document is sitting in.

    • Ready for Coding
      Documents in this section have a supplier name and the invoice line amounts balance to the total amount due.
      You can import them into the Transaction screen as either a new transaction or into a transaction that already exists in the Transaction screen.

    • Review Required
      Depending on the invoice information that has been picked up from the document i.e. supplier name, Scan my Bills will determine if a transaction can be created.

      If the service can't pick up a supplier name and/or gross total amount, you need to review the document in the Xtracta web browser to add the missing fields.

    • Review Pending
      When you review the document in the Xtracta browser and either don't save or close out of the web page.
      The document will remain in this section until you review it and save the document settings.

    Scan my Bills needs to recognise specific pieces of information within a document before it can be brought to the Transaction screen.

    Column Explanation
    Invoice No can also be a reference number
    Supplier supplier of goods or services
    Amount the total amount due on the invoice
    Inv. Lines the number of lines recorded in the invoice (automatically displayed)



    • Bank Account
      If you record more than one bank account in your database, you can select the bank account number the transaction will be allocated to when it is created.

    • Show Errors
      If an email has been sent with no attachments or with an invalid file type, you can click Show Errors to delete them.
      If the button is greyed out, there are no errors.

    • Add Single-Line
      If a document contains multiple invoice lines it can be brought into the Transaction screen as a single-line transaction.
      When a document has one invoice line, only the Add Single-Line button is available.

    • Add Multi-Line
      Where there is a document with multiple invoice lines, it can be brought into the Transaction screen displaying each line.
      When a document has more than one invoice line, both the Add Single-Line and Add Multi-Line buttons are available.

    • View
      This opens a copy of the document without going through to the Xtracta web browser.

    • Review
      Click this button when the settings in a document need to be looked at i.e. the Supplier name is missing. You will be taken to the Xtracta browser to update the settings.

    • Delete
      Deletes the selected document.

    • Close
      Exits out of the Scan my Bills box.

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