• Hi there

    Relatively new to using Cashmanager and a bit confused about how it ages animals in the livestock rec.

    I want to age my replacement ewe lambs up to hoggets now but it looks like I can only do that at the end our business year in June.

    Does anyone know why?

    Many thanks 😊

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  • Hi @ilovefarming

    Please feel free to contact our Helpdesk at any time. It's what the team at CRS are here for; no question is too silly.

    You can phone the team on 0800 888 080 number between 8.45am - 7pm weekdays.
    Or try Live Chat, 8.45am - 9pm weekdays, while you're logged into the Help Centre or community forum.

    In the meantime, have a look at this helpful topic that explains why your livestock age at balance date (the end of your financial year), and how best to code stock transactions in your Cashmanager database.



  • Thanks @rosew-h it's been a busy week and finally get the chance to sit down!
    Yes you're right, I spoke to my accountant and he explained its about what stock we close with on 30th June to what we opened with and the difference between them. Still a bit confusing to get my head around.

    We started using cash manager part way through this year so i've been playing catch up and hit a few walls when hubby says they're an animal that I don't have in my stock rec like dry ewes. What do I code it to? or do I create a new code?

    I haven't talked to their help team cos i think it's a silly question. I'll just keep at it and hopefully have it right for the accountant in June.

  • @ilovefarming

    You can't change the age date in Cashmanager - something to do with taxable value.

    Every year I have to phone the helpdesk for the same thing. We sell dry hoggets in June and I code them as hoggets which throws my stock rec. out. You should code them to lambs and then from July on they're classed as hoggets.

    Fingers crossed I remember this year lol :)

    Maybe you could have a chat with your accountant?