• What is the Wagebook?

    Wagebook is a fully integrated feature of Cashmanager RURAL that is used to used to record employee details, pay, and leave. It can also be used to produce payslips, run reports, and produce IRD returns.

    The Transaction screen is updated automatically whenever you make an entry in Wagebook and this then flows into Cashflow. Payments made to employees will appear as an expense on the Cashflow screens under Farm Expenditure:Wages (if coded when entering each Pay Worksheet).

    Tip: The Wagebook reports in Cashmanager RURAL will automatically pull Wagebook entries into the different time periods they cover. Wagebook reports are based on the Income Tax year (NZ runs from 1/04 to 31/03 and AUS from 1/07 to 30/06) whereas Cashflow screen reports are based on your farm’s financial reporting year.

    How do I use Wagebook?

    First, set-up the employees that you will be creating payslips for. You can use Wagebook to create payslips for both regular and casual employees. It also takes care of special cases such as payments to shearing contractors. Click here for more information.

    Once your employees have been set-up, you can record wages and create payslips.

    NOTE: Wagebook isn’t a payroll programme and doesn’t calculate wage information. You can choose to either:

    • Enter it manually. This is cost effective if you have only a few employees (1-3).

    • Wagebook does have a handy built-in feature that enables you to link to IRD’s website and their ‘PAYE/KiwiSaver deductions calculator’.

    • Import payroll data from one of the following programs: AcePays, IMSPayroll, SmoothPay, Crystal Payroll (NZ); or Payforce, SmoothPay (AUS). This is a good idea when you have more than three staff.

    It’s a good idea to discuss with your accountant what’s best for your business and any legal requirements. This will ensure that you are compliant with all aspects of employment law. If you choose to enter wage information manually, it’s also a good idea to discuss with your accountant how to break down a payslip into its different parts and the various rules that apply to each part.

    Wagebook can be used to run reports. The following reports are available:

    Report Function
    Employee Summary Lists each employee’s wage details. It can be filtered by Wage Year or by month.
    Leave Lists each employee’s leave details for the wage year. Tip: Leave information needs to be recorded manually in the wage worksheet in order to appear in this report.
    Other Party Lists each employee.

    Employee Summary Report


    Leave Report


    Wagebook can also be used to produce IRD returns (IR345 and IR348).

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