• How do I print the Dairy Forecaster?

    Follow these steps to print data entered in the Dairy Forecaster:

    Step 1: While viewing your budget in the Cashflow screen, click on Reports.

    Step 2: Select Cashflow Detail.

    Step 3: Check that the correct financial year for your budget is shown.

    Step 4: Click on the Select Codes tab.

    Step 5: Untick ‘Select All Codes’.

    1. Click on the + symbol next to Income to expand the list of codes.
    2. Click on the + symbol next to Milk Production to expand the list of codes.
    3. Select This Seasons (and any other codes you have created that relate to Milk Solids - these will feature a Milk Bottle icon).

    Step 6: Click Update Report.

    Step 7: Click Print Report.

    0_1469233620671_Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 12.21.39 PM.png

    Tip: Clicking the arrow on the report expands the content to show monthly detail.

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