• Dairy production graph

    The Dairy Production graph displays milk production for actual and budget transactions that have been coded to the category code Milk Production and extended code This Season's, or where the extended code has this symbol 0_1490827178162_upload-e524bc62-6f48-4ed1-a3c8-62b0542d9aa8

    • If you're invoice basis GST, the bar graph displays production information based on the invoice date.

    • If you're payments basis GST, this information is based on the production date i.e. the month prior to payment.


    Dairy production (kgMS) is shown in the bar graph and if selected, the dollar value of the kgMS will appear in a line graph over the top of the bar graph.


    If you want to compare milk production with last year's actuals or another budget, or if you want to view the revenue associated with each month's production:

    1. Right click your mouse on the graph.
    2. Select the option(s) you want to include in the graph.
    3. Click OK.

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