• Overview of the Accountants Annual report

    The Accountants Annual report produces a summary of code totals for each financial year in a Cashmanager RURAL database. The information within it can be used to generate a full set of end of year accounts.


    The report is made up of seven sections:

    1. Balancing
    Summarises opening and closing bank balances and whether the report is balanced

    2. Summary
    Totals each category and extended code for the year

    3. Bank statement summary
    Displays reconciled pages for the financial year and highlights any discrepancies

    4. GST return summary
    Lists each GST return, indicates when it was printed and displays values for each period

    5. Analysis by code
    Details each transaction by category and extended code

    6. Workpapers for balance sheet
    Lists opening & closing accounts receivable/payable and opening & closing un-presented transactions

    7. Workpapers for Debtors (for those using the Debtors module)
    Lists outstanding invoices by client

    TIP: To skip to a section click on the 0_1491964368668_upload-1f346999-e43c-4b99-8cd9-f9ba439669fc button at the top of the report.

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