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  • How to fix a budget that has been created with the wrong GST mode

    The default GST mode in your database is set to Exclusive, as budget items are generally entered into a budget as exclusive of GST.

    If you accidently build a plan while in GST inclusive mode and then realise the error, changing the mode back to Exclusive will not fix the problem.

    This is because even though you think of the figures as being exclusive, they are in fact calculated in your budget as being inclusive.

    By changing the GST mode to exclusive, you'll actually strip a further 15% GST from each budget item.

    This, in turn, affects your cash flow and predictions for GST payments as well as information displayed in management reports.

    The good news is it can easily be fixed by using the Copy Special tool to quickly update your budget.

    Use the Copy Special tool

    This option uses the unique Line One and Line Two view in your Cashflow screen to display the same budget on both lines.

    1. Set the GST mode back to Exclusive.
      Click on Setup - Business - GST tab

    2. Click on the Change View button.

    3. Select Advanced View and ensure the same set of information (budget and year) have been selected on Line One and Line Two.

    4. Click Cashflow.


    Lines One and Two will display identical figures.

    1. Right click on a cell aligned to a category that needs to be updated i.e. Animal Health.

    2. Select Copy special....

    NOTE: Items that are exempt from GST i.e. wages and personal drawings, don't need to be increased.


    1. Select Values from the Scaling box.

    2. Select Up from the Scale box.

    3. Enter 15 in the Percent box.

    4. Click Copy.

    TIP: Don't tick 'Add to existing values?' as this will add an additional budget item to the existing items in the code.

    It can also be used in an extended code i.e. Rates & Insurance (RI): Rates (R).

    Once you have updated the budget, change your view back to a single line view.


    What about livestock transactions?

    To update stock sale & purchase information, you need to move into the Livestock screen where you can use the Copy Special tool.
    Just remember to scale up the value not the quantity.


    What about the Dairy Forecaster?

    The prices displayed in the Dairy Forecaster are always exclusive of GST. Just to be sure, it's best to open the Dairy Forecaster and click on the Update "Company" Prices button to update the correct prices.


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