• Customise the layout of the transaction screen

    You can customise the layout of the transaction screen to:

    • List your transactions in date, reference or entry order

    • Add, remove or change the order of the transaction detail columns.

    In the transaction screen, there are two ways to adjust the order of transactions.

    Entry order

    1. Click on the AZ Sort button along the top of the transaction screen.

    2. Select the order in which you want the transactions to appear.


    Add or remove columns

    1. Click on View from the menu.

    2. Select Columns from the menu.

    3. Tick the columns you want to display and untick the columns you don't.


    You can also change the order of displayed columns by dragging and dropping columns on the screen.

    Once you are happy with the layout and want to keep it:

    1. Click on the View menu.

    2. Select Grid layout.

    3. Click on Keep.

    TIP: to change your view back to its original setting, follow steps 1 & 2, then select Default.


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