• Create your farm business

    If you are new to Cashmanager RURAL or are have subscribed to a new database, setting up your farm business is a quick and easy process that takes minutes.

    All you need to create your database are 3 key pieces of information about your farm business:

    • Financial year end for your business

    • Your farm type i.e. Sheep, Beef, Dairy, Deer etc

    • GST information such as the GST number and GST return frequency

    If you’re unsure about where to get any of this information, please ask your accountant or bookkeeper.

    Once you have created your database you can add additional information such as bank feeds and the Farmlands monthly statement feed.

    Financial year end

    1. Select the last month of your current financial year i.e. Financial Year End 31/05/2017 allows you to enter transaction information from 1/06/2016.

    2. Click Next.


    Your farm type

    1. Select the templates that apply to your farm type.

    2. Click Next.


    1. Fill in the fields relating to your business details such as address, phone and email.

    GST information

    1. Enter your business GST number.

    2. The default GST period in any database is two-monthly. If your GST return frequency is different i.e. six-monthly, you can change the Period Ends date.

    3. Click Finish.


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