• How do I enter livestock opening numbers?

    Livestock opening numbers need to be done in the 'Monthly Views' screen.


    Option A: record opening numbers for a single stock class

    1. Double left click on the 'Open' field for the stock class you want to record against i.e. 2th Ewes.

    2. Enter the tally into the Stock Opening Tally field.

    3. Click OK to save the change.

    Option B: opening numbers for multiple stock classes

    1. Click on the Opening No. button at the top of the screen.

    2. Manually enter numbers into the Opening Tally field for each stock class.

    3. Click OK to save the changes.

    Optional: If the previous year's closing numbers are correct, click on the Copy all button to automatically copy them into the Opening Tally field. You can also move between stock categories in this screen. For example, moving between sheep and beef.

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