• Save your original budget

    Once you have built your budget, don't forget to save an original copy that you can refer back to as the financial year progresses.

    The original budget will be locked away to avoid accidentally altering it later in the year, and it can also be password protected ensuring only you can alter any information.

    To save an original copy of your budget :

    1. Make sure it's sitting on Line One in the cashflow screen.

    2. Click on Cashflow from the menu.

    3. Select Save Original.

    4. Enter a name for your original budget.
      Optional: If you want to add information about the budget you can do so in the Cashflow Note box.

    5. If you want to, enter a password to protect the budget.

    TIP: If you forget the password to your original budget, give the Cashmanager RURAL helpdesk a call and they'll find it for you.
    1. Click OK to save the changes.


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