• Variance report - in a whole year view

    Once you have created a plan (budget) it's a good idea for you to validate it for yourself.

    The Variance report can be used to compare your plan to another set of information whether it's last year's actual information or another budget scenario.

    How can I check if my plan is realistic?

    1. Make sure your plan is sitting on Line One.

    2. Click on Reports - Variance.


    1. Select the actual/budget information and the year that you want to compare.

    2. The report defaults to a full financial year though you can change the Month Start or End. For example, change the Month End field if you want to only view the first few months of the year.


    TIP: If the Period End column has been turned off, the Month End will default to the last month of your financial year. Find out more about the Period End column here.

    Use the report to identify any variances between each piece of information you're comparing. You can then go back to the plan and make changes if you wish.

    TIP: To view extended codes, tick 'Show extended codes' under Report Options, and click 'Update Report'.

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