• Adjustments

    There are some optional adjustments that you can manually enter into the Adj. tab under Report Options. Don't forget to click Update Report to display them in your report.


    • Wages of Management
      Consider if you, as the farm owner, were sick or injured, how much would you realistically have to pay someone to do your job? (Assuming that you're taking personal drawings from the business rather than a salary).

    If you are taking a salary from the business, you don't need to worry about filling in this field.

    • Fertiliser, R&M & Depn
      An adjustment for fertiliser or big repairs & maintenance items can be entered into this field if:
      -->They haven't already been accounted for in your database i.e. if you've deferred your fert bill and not recorded it in Cashmanager or,
      -->They were purchased in one financial year and will be paid in the following financial year
      If you use the Asset Register in Cashmanager, the depreciation in your current financial year will be displayed automatically in the Depreciation line. If you don't record assets in your database, you can manually record a lump figure in the Other Adj. tab.

    If you need to record an amount each for Fertiliser, R&M and Depreciation, combine the figures and enter the total amount into the corresponding field.

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