• Milk production


    Total Milking Cows

    Milking cows can be separated from the overall opening numbers of stock one of two ways:

    • The breeding status of 'Breeding' is set on within the code details of MA Cows and R2Y Heifers

    • Enter the milking cows into Report Options within the EFS report

    Total KgMS

    So that the EFS report can display correct KPI's for milk solids, it requires your full financial year's quantity of milk.

    If you're reviewing an actual EFS report, this figure is retrieved from any bank transaction that is coded to the category code MP (Milk Production) and extended code TS (This Season's) or any extended code with a milk bottle symbol 0_1486428693199_upload-ba2805c5-9376-467e-9527-e1def2a053bb

    Have a look at Stock, Crop & Dairy codes for more information about dairy codes.

    If you're reviewing a budget EFS report, this figure is retrieved from the Dairy Forecaster which budgets the year's supply and dairy prices.

    If you're reviewing a revised EFS report, this figure is retrieved using a combination of actual and budget information.

    KgMS/Cow and KgMS/Ha

    Ensure the correct quantity of milk solids and number of milking cows have been entered. The total area of your farm is recorded through the Advanced tab in the Setup - Business menu.

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