• Breeding Percentage


    How is the breeding percentage calculated in the EFS report?

    Both breeding animals and their progeny play a part in calculating the breeding percentage.

    Breeding animals
    Opening numbers of animals that have a breeding status of 'Breeding' such as MA cows and MA ewes are used to calculate breeding percentages, along with lambs/calves etc that have been entered into your Livestock Rec.

    TIP: If you want to check the breeding status on your stock codes, go to the Setup - Codes menu and edit each code.

    So that the correct breeding percentage is calculated, you need to make sure that lambs/calves etc are allocated to the correct parent code i.e. MA ewes, ewe hoggets etc.


    NOTE: If you purchase in lamb ewes or in calf cows part way through the year, the breeding percentage won't be accurate. This is because the breeding percentage is calculated using the opening numbers of ewes and cows.

    To ensure the correct number of stock are on hand at any time, continue to record all animals born on farm.

    What is Secondary Breeding?

    Secondary breeding allows you to separate the breeding percentage for your ewe hoggets from the main mob.

    Make sure the breeding status for ewe hoggets is set to 'Secondary Breeding' and allocate any lambs produced to the parent code Ewe Hoggets.

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