• With new contracts being looked over and signed for the new season, it is important to get other parties to look over your contracts as well. Quite often with new jobs and roles people can look at these contracts with the best of faith and not understand their contractual obligations that they are signing up for. Another pair of eyes in a neutral position can often see if everything is fair for both parties, and also explain any areas that are not fully understood.
    Contracts are in place to protect both parties so ensure that all areas are filled out and not taken by word, unless it is in the contract neither farm owner, contractor or staff have to comply with that area.
    It is always better to have hard/awkward conversations during contract negotiation time so each party has a good understanding of what is expected of them, this usually takes several meetings.
    Do you have any other advice for farmers starting contract negotiations?

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  • I believe its most import to be given your Contract and allowed at least a couple of days to have a 2nd or third pair of eyes or legal representative go over it, special if you are moving from a manager to contractor or sharemilker as there may be added parts to the contract that may or may not know how they can affect you and if you don’t understand you may be caught off guard.