• What is the Invoicing screen?

    If you only need to send out invoices a few times throughout the year for grazing, selling feed etc, the Invoicing screen helps you to create professional looking invoices and track the corresponding payments.

    What are the benefits?

    • Once you have created an invoice, it is held in your database – No more carbon copies!

    • Record multiple lines in each invoice, capturing information such as quantities, and notes on each service provided

    • Include a marketing message or payment terms

    • Include a remittance slip for cheque payments

    • Mark invoices a paid or partially paid to keep track of outstanding invoices

    • Display your bank account number for direct credit payment

    How do I create an invoice?

    Before you can create an invoice there are two things you need to check or set up in your database:

    Invoice Layout


    Make sure you've entered the following information into Setup - Business. This will appear on all invoices.

    1. Business name and address
    2. GST number

    Then move into the Invoicing Tab, to set what is included in your invoices.

    The Invoicing tab

    1. Use the invoice note to display a marketing message or payment terms.

    2. This option displays your bank account number for direct credit payments. Make sure you’ve recorded your bank account number in Setup – Bank Accounts.

    3. The GST mode for invoicing determines whether the price per invoice line is exclusive or inclusive of GST.

    NOTE: The GST Mode in Setup – Business is used for the Cashflow screen and reports. Use the invoicing tab to set the GST mode on your invoices.
    1. Add the option of paying by cheque by including a remittance slip.

    2. Use Show Multiplier if you want to create a grazing invoice. It allows you to calculate the number of stock and length of grazing by the price per day/week. If you need to calculate the price to within three decimal places, tick the box corresponding box in the invoice entry section.


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