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  • I'm really interested in hearing about how others manage their farm-related admin, I think I've got a good system sorted for me but I'm always open to hearing new ideas!

    So here's what I do:
    I have a specific place for all bills that come in, and between the 15th and 18th I sit down and sort through them all, and load them into our online banking for payment on the 20th. At the same time, I run the PAYE report (I use Ace Payroll) which tells me how much PAYE I need to pay - I also load this in for payment. I stamp everything with PAID and the date just in case I need to look them up later.



    I file them all in my folders with designated sections (see photos) - invoices are filed according to the month they're paid and stock purchases, bank statements etc go into their own section.

    After the bills are paid, I code them in Cashmanager (thank heavens for bank feeds). I then like to run a variance report (to see how we are tracking against the budget we provided the bank) and a Performance Summary report on the revised budget to see how we're tracking for the season. If there's anything odd looking I'll highlight in red pen and talk to hubby about it - sometimes there's a timing issue (i.e. we'd budgeted for an expense but it occurs later or earlier than planned). We then update our budget if necessary. I also like to view our 'revised budget' so I can get a feel for where our cash is going, are we going into overdraft or is there surplus we can use to pay down debt? What's our end of season financial position like? etc.

    I have a page on the wall by the computer with all my GST due dates - I simply keep an eye on it and when it's time I run a GST report from Cashmanager and fill in the details on the IRD website.

    Of course I email my accountant with any queries, and they're great at explaining things too.


    So, how does everyone else do it?

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  • For us...
    Any invoices we need to send out for the previous month I email out before the 10th, for payment by the 20th.
    All the invoices that arrive get tucked away through the month. Generally around the 17th (once most of them are in) I sort through them all and leave them out for James to look through (this can take a few days and a bit of nagging... ). If there are any discrepancies or mistakes then I will get them sorted then pay them all on the 19th or 20th.
    I use the Wagebook in Cashmanager so filing the PAYE is easy as I can import the IR348 directly in to myIR and then set up the payment online.
    Generally in the first few days of a new month I will import the previous months transactions (into Cashmanager) and code them all. (Although now that we have Bank Feeds set up I sometimes code transactions mid month as they come in, which is quite good as it seems like less of a big job!). I then file all the invoices away, but in A-Z dividers, oldest- newest... that makes more sense for me for some reason...
    When GST is due I file that through myIR, nice and simple. Generally after a GST period I update my revised view, re-look at the budget and make any necessary changes. I then email a newsletter and updated reports to our equity partners. My go-to reports are Performance Summary, Stock Reconcilliation, Cashflow and expanded Cashflow Detail.

  • I am very similar to Anna, except my dates can sometimes be popping in bills on the 20th..... I complete any invoices that need to be sent around the 8/10th as often need to wait for invoices to come in for materials from other business that we need to invoice out for.
    When I am coding I also mark of any paid invoices.
    I often find myself running the reconciliation around the same time as sending invoices.
    I use cashmanager wages for staff payment & paye, & I usually run those reports around 8th/10th aswell. When I have filed online I write filed and then note paid once payment has been paid as offer these dates differ.
    I am re-viewing budgets all season round and start to build a new budget in February to produce to our business advisors for input.
    I have a big red box which I put any mail into for the business and go through on 10 or around the 20th.
    For rosters I build on excel with a month template, email to staff and have hard copies at cowshed and home as well as a photo on my phone.
    I have a page at front of folder when tax is due.