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  • According to this article (NZ Herald Article) IRD wants to alter the percentage of household expenses we normally claim as a business expense.

    So, instead of claiming 25% of your household electricity as a business expense, they are looking at reducing it to 15%.

    Similarly, instead of being able to claim 100% of your home phone line on the business, they are looking to reduce it to 50%.

    What do others think? Personally, given that I often feel that the house is more of an office than a home, I'm happy with the way it currently is and really wonder if the changes are necessary and what has made them want to review it?


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  • Yes absolutely agree with the phone, we very rarely use our landline for social reasons! And we also constantly have work-related things happening, whether it's staff coming in for a planning meeting or the consultant or the various reps....

    I think I will have to find the time to write something to IRD.... wish me luck!

  • I agree Anna. We use the phone for business far more than personal and our house is a meeting place up to three times a day for staff, stock agents, fert reps etc, plus running the office...
    If people would like to pass their feedback on to IRD then they have until 22nd December to email them at