• What do I need to run Cashmanager RURAL?

    • Broadband internet

    • Windows 7 or newer

    • 1280 x 754 screen resolution

    NOTE: Due to their age, we do not support Windows XP or Windows Vista.

    Can Cashmanager RURAL run on an Apple iMac?

    With the increasing popularity of Apple products, we have received a number of enquiries about Cashmanager RURAL and whether it will work on an Apple iMac.

    As Cashmanager RURAL is a Microsoft Windows based application it requires a full copy of Windows 7 or newer to be installed in order for it to operate on an Apple iMac.

    The latest Apple iMacs are able to be partitioned and have a ‘real’ copy of Windows installed so that at start-up you can choose to start your Mac using the Apple software or Windows software.

    We consider Parallels to be the best solution but recommend that you talk to your local technical specialist as there may be a cost involved to run the software.

    The installation of Cashmanager RURAL software is then exactly the same as on a standard PC.

    What type of broadband connection do I need?

    Cashmanager RURAL has been designed to work with rural broadband. It out performs many other online software programs using rural broadband. We recommend a minimum of 500kbs download and 256kbs upload.

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