• I have friends who are looking for a new job in the Sheep and Beef sector.
    We were talking about, other than the specific farming skills required for the particular job, what qualities new employers look for.
    What do people look for when they are employing new staff?
    What really impresses them and would 'seal the deal'?
    or what would be a deal breaker?

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  • Whilst I'm not a sheep and beef farmer, as an employer I fully agree with @duynie, attitude is key! I know of several situations where an employer has actually chosen a person with less experience over someone with more, as the less experienced person had a better 'can-do', positive attitude and showed real desire to learn and get ahead.

  • @Annie Good employers are looking for attitude and aptitude for learning. With the right attitude and the ability to learn an entry level person can quickly become a valuable member of the team. Deal breakers can be drug and alcohol issues. Attitude problems. Sketchy employment history. Poor previous references would definitely count against you if there are two equal candidates.