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  • Mating is either just starting or well underway for many of us dairy farmers.

    Given how important it is to get cows in calf early, what tips and tricks have you picked up over the years?

    Is it worth spending the extra money on heat detection aids (e.g. Kamars, Scratchies, Flashing lights)?

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  • @Morgan-Farms-Ltd Hi Wayne, great to have someone with your experience here! For those who are new to heat detection or just looking to brush up on their skills, how could they best access resources such as yours? Would you advise them to contact DairyNZ? Also, just out of interest, how do you feel about the use of interventions such as CIDR's, synch programs (PG) etc? Do you feel they have a place? Lots of people are aiming to shorten their calving spread, what would you recommend to them?

  • @Anna Hi Anna, I wrote "the Art of Heat Detection" document when I was with DairyNZ, which is a summary of FarmFacts, InCalf, and my own practical experience over 35 years. This is still used by facilitators in the Waikato. Each heat detection aid is exactly that, and doesn't guarantee a good result, but used in conjunction with recommended routines can improve results. Regards, Wayne Berry.

  • @Anna Husband uses tail paint and observation. He also touches up tail paint every couple of days - the more tidy your tail paint is the better decisions you will make

  • Use Kmars and paint. Also having herd records upto date is very important.

  • We use tail paint and kamars, I reckon it's much easier to tell who's on especially heifers that are a bit harder to tell with sometimes. A bit more expensive but worth it if you get the cow in calf early.
    Doing lots of paddock checks especially in the evening is a good way to work out who is cycling.