• Organisation Access

    Organisation Access helps you to manage your employees’ access to Cashmanager RURAL databases, through the Cashmanager RURAL online website.
    This is a great tool for organisations that have strict security measures in place in regards to client information.

    What are the benefits?

    Organisation Access allows you to:

    • Set the Access Policy
      for all your employees with Cashmanager user accounts to either be Read Only access; or continue to be controlled by the database owner.

    • Nominate one or more employees to the Organisation Administrator role
      This role allows them to control your employee access permissions to your clients Cashmanager RURAL data.

    • Add your company logo to your organisation’s profile
      This will appear next to your employee's username as a visual indicator that they belong to your organisation.

    How does it work?

    Organisation Access uses your domain name i.e. @crssoftware.co.nz, to group all your employees together if they register as a Cashmanager RURAL online user with your organisation's domain.

    It then allows you to manage employee access to Cashmanager databases.
    For example, if an employee leaves your organisation, you can remove their access to client databases without the client needing to do so.
    If that employee then returns to your organisation, the access levels they previously had to the database can be reinstated.

    NOTE: Organisation Access doesn't enable you to grant access to a database that an employee doesn't already have access to. This is still done by the database owner or someone with Admin access to the database. Refer to Access to Cashmanager RURAL online for more information on how to add users.

    Will it affect access to existing databases?

    When you fill out the Organisation Application Form, you will choose one of two options what level of access is set for all employees:

    1. Restrict all employee access to Cashmanager databases to READ ONLY. This will apply to all employees both existing and new.
      If your decision is to restrict all employee access to READ ONLY, it could potentially disrupt a client relationship so it's important to verify that there are no clients adversely impacted without warning.

    2. Your clients individually set the level of access for the employee(s) they engage with. This is the current procedure for accessing databases.

    Whatever you choose, make sure you download our communication guide for your employees.

    If you would like to sign your organisation up to this tool, download the Application Form and email it to organisationaccess@crssoftware.co.nz

    How to use Organisation Access

    After your organisation has been set up as a group, your nominated organisation administrator will see an additional Admin menu when they log into the Cashmanager RURAL online website. In this menu, the options available are Org Users and Company Profile.


    Org Users
    Allows you to manage your organisation’s employee access. You will see a list of employees who are part of your organisation group domain. You can enable or disable 0_1476760059500_upload-1b24710d-99a4-4086-95a4-f49d1324905c an employee’s access to Cashmanager data and also nominate another Organisation Administrator 0_1476760041947_upload-340f88db-c611-4d4e-889e-ceb84493c11c

    REMEMBER: You can't give your employee(s) access to databases they haven't already logged into. The database owner i.e. your client, needs to grant them access first.


    Company Profile
    You can see the name of your organisation and the domain email address that is being used to group your employees. You can also add your company logo.


    What your employees and clients see

    For your employee's view, there won't be a change.

    A Cashmanager client will continue to be able to search for and add the employee to the data. The view they see when setting the access level will depend on whether READ ONLY has been set for your Organisation.

    • READ ONLY not set
      When your client searches for your employee, they will see the following message and continue to set the required access level.

    • READ ONLY set
      When your client searches for your employee, they will see the following message as well as your company logo if it has been added to your organisation profile.

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