• With Harvesting/Cropping/Spraying happening on farms across NZ and the weather being very changeable at this time of year, it is really important to have an up to date and accurate weather report. What Apps are people using and why?0_1476742418531_weather.jpg

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  • I use www.yr.no you can type in your location and it will give your forecast specific to there with rainfall mm, temps etc. It updates regularly and I find it pretty accurate

  • We really love the Weather Underground app, we have it downloaded on both android and apple. It gives 10 day forecast as well as hourly forecast. We also like how you can select on the map your nearest weather station so we look at a couple of different stations if we need the weather forecast at other farms or in town.

  • @Abi http://www.metvuw.com/ is a great weather report website - A large range between 1 and 10 day forecasts are available, delivering 4 and 40 images, respectively, spaced at +6 hour intervals, beginning with the forecast time, also selections are available for temperature, precipitation, pressure and wind. 0_1476910879579_Capture.PNG

  • I use the free MetService rural app on my phone, it is quite good but the main drawback is that you can't pinpoint the exact location of your farm - would love to hear if there are any other good, free weather apps that people use that would allow me to get accurate, location-specific weather forecasts.

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