• How do I reset my GST return?

    If you have finalised your GST report in Cashmanager RURAL and subsequently find that you need to edit any transactions before you have filed your return with IRD, you can reset the GST Report at any time to make your corrections.


    1. Click on Reports > GST .

    2. Right click on the GST Report you need to adjust.

    3. Select Reset.


    The report will revert back to a Draft for you to make any corrections.


    What if your return has already been filed with IRD?

    There are two options that you can consider:

    1. If you've recently filed your return i.e. within one or two days, contact IRD and they may help you to correct the information you have submitted. You can then reset your GST return and make corrections in Cashmanager.

    2. If the submission date for the GST period has passed, it's best to check with your accountant whether an adjustment or a reversal transaction should be made in the next GST period.

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