• So people in my district are pretty excited - after years of struggling with poor internet connectivity, InspireNet from Palmerston North have just built a tower on a hill nearby which means we now have awesome internet! Apparently InspireNet are looking to establish more business in the Tararua area then move further down the North Island.

    Given the huge impact good/bad internet has on our rural businesses and lives, it would be great if we could all share how we get internet in our rural locations!!

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  • We were previously with Farmside and found it to be really expensive for the small amount of slow internet we got. It was really hard to manage with teenagers, running a business from home, Skype etc, and once James learnt how to turn the computer on and discovered fishing videos on Youtube it was impossible...

    So we took the plunge and installed our own tower on the farm to hook up with Wizbiz (Wairarapa). We saved some money by laying the cable ourselves. We've also recouped some costs when the neighbours hooked in too.
    It's brilliant! $129 a month for 200GB and the staff are so helpful and good to deal with.

    We've now also put our phone through the internet with a company called 2talk. We got advice and help from the Wizbiz team and it was really easy to get set up and running.
    We now pay $30 per month for 4000 local minutes, 3000 national and World minutes and 50 mobile phone minutes (we also add on a mobile bundle) and we also get two lines. Really handy!
    Go to http://www.2talk.co.nz/voice.html?p=home to check out the deals.

    We've now also got Sotify for music and Netflix, no way we could have done that before! Check out our "What I know now that I wish I know then... ' topic for a great trick in your Netflix settings to avoid chewing through your internet data... Click on the link below to have a look

  • We are Wairarapa based and use WIZ Wireless - before that we were with Farmside and it cost a fortune for very little data. We now have 200gb a month and find the speeds great. We were lucky that a local farmer in our area had the foresight to put a tower up on his farm (at great cost) but then invited his neighbours and community to buy into that tower (helping to pay for the tower) - we bounce the wireless internet from his tower to our farm cottage and then bounce it down to the homestead... the best thing is that the tower and the equipment is owned by the farmers so we are not necessarily tied to Wiz Wireless - should a competitor offer a better/ more competitive rate we as a group could change - this will keep Wiz Wireless on their toes pricing wise.

  • @Anna We are very lucky this season and can get broadband however at our previous job we found a great local company, rural wireless, that we heard of through word of mouth. I would definitely recommend asking around about different internet company's especially for price difference.